Our Little A.D.

By: dellania socrafasa

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Thursday, 30-Oct-2008 00:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RaYa DaTaNg LaGi!!!!

baby ya
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Thank you to all who were able to make it despite having other more important occasions to attend.

Thank you for making mommy's 30th year a SPLENDID one!

Hope to see all of you again next year.

Lain macaammmm jer pose

us, with err .... our big family?

eksaitednya derang tgok candle lite tu

tu diaa....

baiklah ... kita teruskan wawancara kita pada hari ini ...

Monday, 13-Oct-2008 02:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Aidilfitri

Yup, I'm aware that today has already reached the other half of Syawal. But, what da heck ... better late than never kan?

Selamat hari raya kepada semua yang mengenali kami sekeluarga, mommy's & daddy's kindi, primary, secondary, uni, part-timers, colleagues, virtual & everywhere buddies (that would have officially turned into a.d.'s as well).
Maaf zahir dan batin atas semua salah silap, terkasar bahasa & tersilap kata kami.
Halalkan makan minum kami.

Semoga Syawal kali ini mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim sesama kita.

Kepada yang sudi, jemputlah ke teratak kami.

more raya photos on my facebook ya, peeps!

Monday, 22-Sep-2008 03:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Lepas buka, a.d. kasik tabur semua. Lepas sahur, mommy kasik kemas.
Lepas buka, a.d. kasik tabur semua. Lepas sahur, mommy kasik kemas.
Lepas buka, a.d. kasik tabur semua. Lepas sahur, mommy kasik kemas.

Weekends? Sepah all day.

A.d. akan kata "Mommy, a.d. mas ni. Mommy nanak acau"

Mommy & daddy hanya mampu senyyuuummmm.

Maybe we've spoilt him too far.
Maybe he's just being himself.
Maybe he'll change along the years.
Maybe he'll never change.

Let's just join him before giving him some lesson on tidiness, cleanliness, discipline ... or whatever they call it, okay daddy?

memoler kat hall

dari pagi smp malam

pindah pi dapur pulak

how's da room looks like?

siap ader kon-kon ... restricted area. police only

peace, yaw'll!!

a.d. senyuummmm juga ada kalu

lastly, charging. tidak kira di mana jua dia berada. teleng pon teleng la!

Monday, 15-Sep-2008 09:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
DI Pertengahan Ramadan

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa utk semua, tak kira yg boleh dan juga yang belum boleh berpuasa. Tidak termasuk yang tidak boleh dan tidak mahu berpuasa.

Rebutlah segala peluang ibadah yg terbentang di depan mata. Hayati setiap saat yg diberi nyawa. Insafi setiap detik yg kita punya.

owh ... penat sunggguuuhhhhhhh a.d. berpuasa!

Tuesday, 12-Aug-2008 05:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mommy's away

da famous rangda
or much knows as 'pura'
mommy's first dish in jimbaran
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Mommy was on a lonely trip for a week. Yup, a silence trip it was for I was alone. But I kinda enjoyed the bliss ... for the sake of my job .. c'mon ... just a week of empty stomach!
A.d. was left with daddy, as usual. But this time he was sent back to mbah for a nite. Oh, so gatal of daddy to spend his weekend as a bachelor. You enjoyed it ya, hon? Good for you!
Bali? If You'd ask me, from all acounts, I'm quite about-turn on Bali. Regardless the cool air & picturesque views of historical places, it's kinda turnoff with their famous dish babi guling terguling2 here and there. Oh, not to mention ... doggies were everywhere! Not much of excitement than back in KL since I was on my own. The only great thing I loike was the sunset. Yup! Still .... I'd love to spend time at my own balcony, seeing the sun go down with my son!
Shopping? Bandung better ... hahahhaha!!!! I ended up bringing back many thousands of unused cash (sounds big, aye? harharhar!!!!) , put it up sumwhere in the closet for later use. Hey, 2008 ... Visit Indo Year!

Haa ... enjoy these pixs! Sorila, takdek kemere best ler ...

fall in Bali

the many many stairs to reach the temple

the most sacred tower in uluwatu temple

the scenic Indian Ocean from the cliff of the temple

the romantic jimbaran beach

painting village in batubulan

wood carving village in mas

in the background is mt batur, among the active volcanoes in bali

bali aiport

ni roper dak kene marah kat umah ... huhuuuu .... sian .....

jahanam kasot akuuu!!!!!!

mak takde nak suap makan, cengginiler ....

pantang nmpk plane .... melambai ler dia

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